Thursday, March 18, 2010

Naked Science - The Bermuda Triangle

A national geographic Documentary from the series - "Naked Science"

Boats, airplanes, and ships have vanished in the Bermuda Triangle, but why? Is it a time warp, a "vile vortex," a mysterious electromagnetic force, or simply the weather? Follow the clues left by the most notorious disappearances and find out.

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Naked Science - Earth's Evil Twin

National Geographic Documentary

Venus and Earth: roughly the same size, and once about the same distance from the sun and whose evolutions have followed similar paths. But today, Venus is described as a vision of hell. Could it be an indication of what's in store for Earth?

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Naked Science - Death of the Earth

A report by a team of leading astronomers in May 2008 seems to have finally put to rest an age old question... What is the ultimate fate of planet Earth? Traditionally, the prevailing view has been that billions of years in the future the aging Sun would loosen its gravitational grip on the planet and allow it to escape a fiery demise.

The sobering reality is quite different and the clock is now ticking for our beloved home planet. Along with a team of leading scientists carrying out pioneering research in fields of biology, climatology, geology and astronomy, Naked Science goes on a quest to investigate what the future holds for planet Earth... and throws up some shocking surprises. Great supercontinents will form and fragment with lethal consequences, the oceans will turn red before floating away into space, plants and animals will be wiped from Earth before finally, all life will be extinguished forever. Using cutting edge scientific models that can make predictions not just thousands but million and even billions of years into the future, we can now more than ever see how the forces of nature will conspire to bring about the Death of the Earth.

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Naked Science - Telepathy

Can people read your mind? Some people claim to know what they shouldn't be able to know even when they are on opposite sides of the planet. But is this just coincidence?

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Naked Science - Birth of America

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The shape of the North American continent has changed radically over millions of years. During the great Ice Age, glaciers carved out the Great Lakes; as the Earth's temperature rose, they filled with glacier melt. The Great Salt Lake is just a shadow of its former self. And as tectonic plates continue to move, America moves closer to Europe each year.

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Naked Science - Comets

Season 4, Episode 4 of the Naked Science Series. This episode explores Comets. Harbingers of bad luck and/or the bringers of life? Narrated by Eric Meyers; Scientists are racing to unlock the secrets of these icy giants because they may tell us how the universe evolved, how the planets formed and how life began on Earth.
 Comets, Meteors, and Asteroids Astronomy: A Beginner's Guide to the Universe (5th Edition) The Backyard Astronomer's Guide

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Naked Science - Deadliest Planets

National Geographic's Naked Science documentary series
Humans may someday develop the technology to colonize other planets. Is it possible to make other planetary environments more like our own? Travel our solar system to see what it would take to live on a neighboring planet.

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Naked Science - Solar Force

National Geographic's Naked Science

Naked Science is a one-hour American documentary television series that premiered in 2004 on the National Geographic Channel. The program features various subjects related to science and technology. The last series was released in 2009. There has been a new series each year since 2004.

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Do the sun's invisible cosmic rays influence our weather? Can solar winds impact Earth? The level of cosmic rays emitted by the sun is anything but constant. Scientists are just now discovering the ways in which the sun's fluctuating output affects our planet's weather and overall climate.