Saturday, September 5, 2009

Top Documentaries - Programmes and Films

Our earth is an extraordinary planet, not just because of the almost infinite variety of life that is supported on it, but also because its very fabric, the surface of the earth itself, is so great in variation. In this program, a global journey in search of the greatest natural wonders of the world is undertake

Top Documentaries - Programmes and Films - Great Natural Wonders of the World

This is such a wonderful video documentary - it will fascinate you and scintillate your senses with the visual feast of imagery. In any case, there are no documentaries from Sir David Attenborough which are not top quality, enriched by his obvious love of Natural History and his enthusiasm for the subject - you can see it in his face and hear it in his voice, which is one of the most individual and soothing narrator voices in television.

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