Thursday, December 24, 2009

Heavy Watergate and Heavy Water

Two Documentaries in one Post!

Watch documentary; Heavy Watergate: The War Against Cold Fusion

On March 23, 1989, respected chemists, Dr. Stanley Pons and Dr. Martin Fleishman made an announcement that rocked the world of science.

Their tabletop experiments with heavy water, a renewable resource readily available in ocean water, yielded enormous amounts of heat energy. Appropriately named, “Cold Fusion,” this breakthrough challenged many basic scientific concepts.

In response, a group of powerful physicists, heavily reliant upon government funding for their hot fusion research, leveled an unprecedented smear campaign against Pons, Fleishman and the entire field of Cold Fusion science. Was the discovery of Fire From Water too good to be true? Or was it the discovery of the millennium? (text from

Heavy Water: a film for Chernobyl 

Buy DVD (below) - Heavy Water: a film for Chernobyl

On April 26th, 1986, reactor four at Chernobyl nuclear power station explodes, sending an enormous radioactive cloud over Northern Ukraine and neighbouring Belarus. The danger is kept a secret from the rest of the world and the nearby population who go about their business as usual. May Day celebrations begin, children play and the residents of Pripyat marvel at the spectacular fire raging at the reactor. After three days, an area the size of England becomes contaminated with radioactive dust, creating a 'zone' of poisoned land. Based on Mario Petrucci's award-winning book-length poem, Heavy Water: a film for Chernobyll tells the story of the people who dealt with the disaster at ground-level: the fire-fighters, the soldiers, the 'liquidators', and their families. Poetry read by David Bickerstaff, Francine Brody, Juliet Stevenson, David Threlfall and Samuel West.
Watch Excerpts;
Heavy Water: a film for Chernobyl Part One

Heavy Water: a film for Chernobyl Part Two

Heavy Water: a film for Chernobyl Part Three

Heavy Water: a film for Chernobyl Part Four

Heavy Water: a film for Chernobyl Part Five

Heavy Water: a film for Chernobyl Part Six